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Shorten your linksright on your website

Social is the first link platform that integrates into your website. Short links, link in bio pages and more - privacy-friendly with your own domain.

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Short links

Create shortened links directly on your website.

“Social allows us to create flexible short links with our own domain and name. The administration runs directly via the dashboard of our website, which is really privacy-friendly.”

Marie Fechner
Marketing Manager

Powerful integrations

Use our extensions to directly create links in the browser or take advantage of Zapier to connect Social with 3000+ apps.

Shared workspace

Assign roles and share your workspace with members of your team.

Advanced scheduling

You have an upcoming event? Schedule your links up to 30 days in advance.

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Precisely track your links.

“When I sold my new eBook, I created a link in Social that allowed me to see where all visitors came from – all of that in realtime.”

Vanessa Nurettin
Content Creator

Data in real time

All click statistics are updated in real time. You can watch live as your links are clicked.

View history

See the performance of your branded links over time - Social stores the history for up to a year.


Visualize click statistics in different charts.

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Privacy is built-in

We have no interest in your data or data of your customers. All data resides solely with you on your website and server and does not leave it - a significant difference to comparable solutions.

GDPR regulations

Social complies with the current data protection laws applicable throughout Europe.

Decentral installation

No third-party servers from abroad. Social is installed directly on your web server.